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My classic foundations as well as my personal reflexions and experiences, have led me to first and formost transmit the following knowledge to my students

- to develop a good seat (relaxation and harmony of the body)

- not to rush the training, as this can stand in the way of thorough understanding.

- to sharpen the senses of the rider, to enable him/her to find and recognize the correct rythm

- to ride for the pleasure of it, and to follow one's personal improvement

- to create self confidence and confidence in the horse

- to manage eventual fears and stresses though concentration and breathing

- to search for a true and honest relationship with the horse

We all have a wonderful potential within us. We just have to look for it and the horse will help us to unleash it.

The pleasure of riding a horse is not solely to achieve a set goal, but walking (or rather "riding") the path that eventually leads us there...

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